Something’s off with your website and you can’t quite put your finger on it. All you know is that it isn’t a professional web design, not by a long shot. Your logo looks fuzzy. Everything feels…beige. Not the bougie minimalist kind, the bad kind. Your mom can’t figure out how to find your bio page. All the pictures are old and pixelated, plus your office doesn’t even look like that anymore. Worst of all, no one can find you, even when they Google your full business name and location. Nada.


This is an apt description of an outdated or poorly designed website. It is also an urgent sign that you need to redesign your website. But what makes a professional web design distinct from the inverse?


At SmartWeb Canada, we implement professional web design practices while using a bespoke digital marketing strategy for our clients. Based in Vancouver, B.C., and working with clients all over Canada, our experience stretches back to 2003.


So what does it mean to have a professional web design? Let’s get into it.


What Are the Benefits of a Professional Web Design?


Leveraging a professional web design, in Vancouver or elsewhere, can greatly enrich and improve your business brand. While you can certainly put together a website yourself, without design, copywriting, or SEO skills, this can be an uphill battle. A professional web design sews these elements together expertly to boost your brand image in the following important ways:


Professionally Designed Websites Look Good Effortlessly


In 2022, minimalism is a key trend. And yes, ‘good beige’ is a thing. With so many websites out there, browsers are seeking relevant answers to their search queries quickly. When a website is needlessly cluttered with too many links, irrelevant information, and superfluous images, the viewer experiences internet fatigue. Generally, this manifests as an annoyance, which will motivate viewers to navigate away from your site in an instant.


You wouldn’t expect a customer to walk into a messy, unattractive store or office and be excited to do business. The same logic applies to your website. Your brick-and-mortar business might be beautiful and efficient, but if the website doesn’t reflect this reality, your potential customers might opt to do business with a more consistently presented competing brand. An organized and conciliated brand will seamlessly integrate its online aesthetic and function with its physical business function.


Look Like a Pro With a Professional Web Design


Do you show up to a job interview with bed head and sweatpants? No! You put your best foot forward, comb your hair, and don a swish and appropriate outfit. Better yet, you come prepared to answer relevant questions, ensuring that you sound articulate and knowledgeable. In a nutshell, you present yourself as the pro you are.


Just like your best interview outfit and preparation, a well-designed website is a thing of beauty and excellence! Not just from a visual perspective, but an experiential one. When a business takes the time to articulate and present itself in a parsimonious manner, it can’t help but look professional. And a professional web design does just this. Presenting your business information and unique selling proposition in a responsive, easy-to-navigate website allows you to reap the benefits and seal the deal.


Professional Web Designs Give Visitors What They Need Fast


Time is money. And these days, both are in dwindling supply. As a recession creeps upon us, mindful consumers are tightening the purse strings. And when they do need to invest in a product or service, the experience needs to be fast and trustworthy. A slowly loading website, with data protection warnings, will not get you past go.


With spam and scams at an all-time high, browsers seeking products and services are wearier than ever. Many visitors will interpret a slow-loading website as a red flag, even if the site is healthy, attractive, and functioning. This is where a professional web designer comes to the rescue. They will know best practices and how to customize and edit the content so it won’t slow your site’s loading speed.


Professional Web Design, Vancouver-Based With a Global Mindset


SmartWeb Canada has been producing effective, professional web solutions for almost 20 years. And we have gained a considerable wealth of knowledge and expertise in the process! When it comes to professional web design, Vancouver-based clients are on-brand and demanding. They’ve taught us a lot about delivering high-end results for good value.


If there’s something off about your website, we’ll know what it is and how to fix it at a price that won’t break the bank.


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