What Do Web Designers Do?

9 August 2022

Based in Vancouver, SmartWeb Canada is a BC web design and digital marketing agency. We’ve been creating professional websites and SEO strategies for our clients since 2003. Using modern technology and best design practices, we serve dental practices and small businesses.

At SmartWeb Canada, our Web Solutions are at the heart of our work: https://smartwebcanada.com/services/web-solutions/.

As professional web designers in Vancouver, we understand the importance of a website that not only looks great but works hard to rank in search engines. So what exactly do web designers do if it’s not only about making a good-looking landing page?

Great Web Designers Create Custom Designs

At SmartWeb Canada, we know that customers will navigate away from pages that load slowly and look poorly designed in under five seconds. We approach all of our site designs with this perspective in mind.

Generic websites can be spotted from a mile away. And they can be interpreted as being technologically inferior, even if this isn’t the case. Modern consumers expect modern aesthetics and functionality. This aesthetic signifies sophistication and lets customers know you are discerning and passionate about your business.

Professional web designers deliver on both consumer and business expectations, marrying the two to produce a seamless user experience. By working closely with the client, an experienced web designer will not only listen to their needs but contribute additional value and suggestions. The final custom web design will function well for users and represent the business brand and goals.

Look Good On Every Device: Responsive Web Design

In 2022, it will come as no surprise that internet users prefer web designs that look great and function perfectly on all of their devices. This is known as responsive web design. Smartphones are today’s primary internet browsing venues, with 60% of users checking in. Many consumers will judge a business on its site’s ability to transition seamlessly from mobile to desktop interfaces.

Here at SmartWeb Canada, as seasoned BC web designers, we build all of our websites so that they are responsive and optimized for all devices. We understand that your website needs to look good to all potential customers no matter when and how they visit it.

Web Designers Must Know SEO

Not all web design professionals incorporate an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy into their work. When choosing the right web designer for your business, it is important to remember that aesthetics aren’t everything, even though they matter.

In general, consumers hover around the first and second page of Google once they’ve typed in their search terms. Conversions plummet outside of these parameters. Over the years, customers have grown accustomed to web browsers that show them results most relevant to their preferences. There are many elements at work online that can become impediments to your business growth. Therefore, having a site that is search engine optimized is essential.

A great web designer will consider this reality before creating a website. Should you receive a consultation from a designer who does not know much about SEO, consider touching base with a web designer who does. At the end of the day, your website is your thriving business storefront. But if no one can find you, it’s like a business card in a dusty old Rolodex.

Meaningfully Integrate Social Media

Social media offers a powerful way to interact with your network and your potential clients. Even if your following is small, active social media accounts add value to your online presence. As the post-pandemic landscape shifts to put more emphasis on remote work and socializing online, interacting meaningfully with your audience through social media will become an increasingly important way to stand out from your competitors. A professional web designer will understand how to integrate your social media channels into your website, to create a pleasant user experience.

Great Web Designers Create Responsive, Custom Websites That Are SEO-Friendly

Overall, those are the basic considerations for achieving a successful web design: a custom look, responsive functionality, and a great user experience with an SEO strategy and social media integration.

If you’re based in Vancouver, it’s best to reach out to a web designer in Vancouver, since you can meet in person. These elements cannot be harmoniously combined simply using email and forms! A great website is a living, breathing representation of your business and passion, so you must enjoy working and interacting with your web designer.

At SmartWeb Canada, we have been creating beautiful, custom websites for our small business and dental clients for almost 20 years. We know the ins and outs of the industry and we do our research to stay on top of the ever-shifting online landscape. We’re friendly, approachable, and love sharing our expertise with our clients to achieve superior results.

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