What Are UX and UI?

20 November 2022
SmartWeb Canada

User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) are two big buzzwords in the world of digital product design. These practices sound new, but they have been around for some time. The concepts are derived from other areas of design, namely physical product design, which can range from toasters to cups to airplanes.

Here at SmartWeb Canada, we apply the concepts of UX and UI to our specialty, which is designing smart, simple websites with integrated SEO and digital marketing strategies. This article will break down UX and UI design as they relate to website design.


What is User Experience Design (UX)?

User Experience Design (UX) is a user (human) centered product design approach. The theory behind user experience design predates digital products, but that is what the term is mostly understood as applying to these days. However, it has its origins in physical product design.

Holistic in nature, UX design focuses on guiding a user from the start to finish of their experience interacting with a digital or physical product. For the sake of our discussion, we will be focusing on digital products, specifically websites.

Anyone who has navigated a poorly designed website is more than aware of pain points. These are the issues you face when you are attempting to answer a question or accomplish a task and the infrastructure just won’t make it easy.

By anticipating these pain points, UX design implements solutions that intend to nip them in the bud altogether, delivering an enjoyably seamless journey for the end user.


What Is User Interface Design (UI)?


Unlike UX, which applies to any product design, User Interface Design (UI) is geared specifically toward digital products like websites and apps. Just like UX, UI Design is all about putting the user at the center of digital product design. UI focuses on delivering a seamless visual experience that makes interaction pleasurable and convenient for the user.

This will touch on things like typography, spacing, grids, color, and so much more. Certainly, the user interface heavily influences the user’s experience. This is one of many reasons that this area of design can be confusing to industry outsiders, as the interrelations between the two practices are so interdependent. Ultimately, UI Design ensures that the end product won’t just work well, but will be a pleasure to experience.


How UX & UI Benefit Your Website


Understanding the barriers to conversion is only the first step to delivering a fantastic digital product. By focusing on creating an empathetically driven user experience, UX designers also consider content design, layout, copywriting, SEO, and social media integrations. There are four key ways that UX and UI help to boost business through your website:


UX Design Builds Trust in Your Business


Meaningful and engaging content should immediately and sustainably address users’ needs. When visitors to your website are able to find exactly what they are looking for, they will appreciate your attention to their needs. They will also appreciate having their time respected and valued. When this happens, trust is built and ultimately leads to creating meaningful conversions.


Save Time and Money


When you save your customers time by designing an experience that conveniently addresses their needs, you will reap the rewards. By saving your customers time, you will ultimately help to save yourself time and business costs. Customers encountering pain points without solutions will inevitably abandon the website or engage with customer support to clarify the confusing experience.


When your customer service is too busy solving barriers to usability, their ability to sell your services and brand deteriorates, as they are wasting their time and efforts (your money) rebuilding lost trust.


Conversely, when your site visitors can get in touch with you easily and pleasurably engage with your content, they will choose your product or service readily. This leaves your customer service open to selling and building rapport with a solid online presence to bolster their confidence.


Increase Conversions With UX Design


When trust has been built in your brand and barriers to engagement with your services have been removed, you can expect conversions to naturally follow. More customers will find ways that work for them to get in touch with your business. For instance, younger consumers prefer to engage with businesses through online engagement, whereas older demographics favor picking up the phone and communicating with a human. UX and UI work together to provide seamless conversion points that are convenient for all anticipated users.


Boost Your SEO Ranking With UX Design


Ensuring that potential customers can find you in the first place is an important part of web design. This is the value of having an integrated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy for your online presence and website. Even if digital marketing is not a priority for your business, a mindful UX designer will ensure that your website’s infrastructure considers its integration for the future.


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Choose a Digital Marketing Agency That Understands UX & UI


At SmartWeb Canada, we have been designing websites for dentists and oral surgeons for almost 20 years. During this time we have established strong relationships with our clients, who trust us to host, edit, redesign, and refactor their websites. We have also become experts in dental SEO strategy creation and execution, landing most of our clients on the first page of Google for organic, relevant search terms. By applying the practices of UX and UI to our work, we help our clients increase conversions and site traffic.


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