How Digital Marketing Services Boost Your Business

20 September 2022

At SmartWeb Canada, we help dentists and small businesses build their online presence. We do this by offering a comprehensive range of digital marketing services that are tailored to draw organic traffic to your corner of the web.

The best way to attract your desired audience and potential customers to your site is as much fine art as it is a relatively well-established ‘science’. And at SmartWeb Canada, we cover all the essential bases of digital marketing services and web development to maximize those positive results.

Simple, smart, and affordable is how we roll. Here is a look at how we go about leveraging digital marketing strategies to help you get more walk-in traffic to your online or brick-and-mortar business.

Customer Expectations of Digital Marketing Has Changed Significantly in the Last Two Decades

Back when we started business in 2003, having a website was a big enough accomplishment for a business. Since then, most consumers have migrated to mobile and do the majority of their browsing on their phones rather than on desktop computers.

Furthermore, most businesses and individuals have an online presence, ranging from websites to social media networks and email marketing campaigns. The more these online platforms become widely adopted, the more consumers expect businesses to present professionally and effectively in these areas. Doing so boosts brand equity effortlessly.

Industry-Specific Digital Marketing Services

Adding to the confusion is the fact that consumers use websites and social media differently. But this doesn’t stop them from having expectations that others are using these platforms as they do. As a business owner, it becomes useful to understand exactly how potential customers are using their website and social media in order to meet them where they’re at and hopefully make a conversion.

For instance, when you’re searching for a dentist online (where more than 90% of online users find and select their dentists!), you’ll no doubt appreciate the option to use an Appointment Scheduling System anytime in lieu of making a phone call during business hours. Another phone-free conversion point for dental patients is Online AI Chatbot Services.

If you are a dentist, you may be interested in last week’s article ‘The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Dental Website Designer’. When you work with a digital marketing agency specializing in dental website design, you get the best of both worlds!

User Experience Design Informs Digital Marketing Strategies

A digital marketing company takes online attitudes and trends into consideration. Indeed, it is at the heart of digital marketing, staying nimble and responsive to customer behavior and needs. Here’s where UX & UI Design come into the process.

While not technically digital marketing, UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design put the user at the center of all design decisions on the front and back end of online platforms. This takes into account aspects such as accessibility for users with special needs.

Designing For All Platform Users

Ensuring that buttons are readable and clickable by all users allows everyone to interact optimally with the digital marketing strategy being enacted. Other considerations include navigation placement, font size, color psychology, image selection, content tone, and more. These are related to Design & Branding Solutions and work in tandem across digital marketing services like social media, advertising, and email campaigns.

All of these crucial elements collide to make a website or online environment enticing enough to interact with until an inquiry or purchase is made via well-designed and well-placed calls to action. Digital marketing solutions shine brightest when anchored to a strategically and professionally designed website that takes all of these moving parts into consideration from the get-go.

Choosing Digital Marketing Services

At SmartWeb Canada

Here at SmartWeb Canada, we have been a Vancouver Web Design Agency for almost 20 years. We have extensive experience in designing smart, attractive websites that are search engine optimized with integrated digital marketing services.

We offer a substantial and comprehensive roster of digital marketing services to integrate into your web design strategy.

Click on the individual links to learn more about these individual services in-depth:

Social Media

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Content Marketing

Email Marketing

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team anytime to learn more about these services and how you can combine them into a web design package that works for your business needs!



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