4 Urgent Reasons to Redesign Your Website

23 August 2022
Reasons to Redesign Your Website

Do you have a website? Of course! You’re a modern business owner! But when was the last time you redesigned your website?


If you’re scratching your head trying to remember the last time you had your business website redesigned, then it’s been too long! If you have noticed your new business numbers decline, an outdated website could be partly to blame.


As Vancouver website designers, SmartWeb Canada specializes in web solutions such as web designs, refactors, and redesigns. Redesigning your website isn’t just about getting an on-trend, fresh new site, although this is certainly important with so much competition out there in every industry.


There are many great reasons to redesign your website. In our expert opinion, there are four urgent reasons to redesign your website: outdated technology, responsiveness, SEO, and aesthetics. Let’s dive in and explore these reasons in more detail.


#1 Outdated Technology and Security


This is our number one reason to get your website redesigned. Unfortunately, if your website is over five years old or more, it could pose a risk not just to your customers, but to the entire server that it lives on.


Spammers and hackers are experts at targeting outdated websites, exploiting gaps in their security through outdated technology. This can happen through outdated plug-ins that no longer receive automated updates from their manufacturer. If you aren’t paying attention or involved in your website’s maintenance, this issue could leave your site’s data vulnerable.


When you host your website with SmartWeb Canada, you have a dedicated team of professionals ensuring that your website’s plugins and elements remain up-to-date. When your site becomes outdated, we will get in touch to suggest a redesign.


We do this as we are vigilant about security and have almost 20 years of experience troubleshooting and solving a variety of technology and security-related issues. When we recommend a redesign for security reasons, it is in the best interest of your business and customers. You can never be too vigilant about online security and data protection!


#2 Your Website is Not Responsive


Did you know that the majority of internet browsers are doing so from their phones? If you haven’t had your site redesigned in a few years, then chances are you are losing out on this large customer base.


Older websites are optimized for older interfaces and the digital content that filled them. Online infrastructure and technology are updated almost daily, meaning that a website designed several years ago is unlikely to display correctly on a mobile device. And there are currently hundreds of devices displaying websites. This means that the website design needs to be responsive to these devices, adjusting the information display to ensure that all elements are visible, orderly, and attractive.


An outdated website typically has a fixed width. When viewed on a mobile device, text and images often look too small. A viewer is forced to drag to enlarge images and text, causing accidental navigation to other pages and other annoyances. As the majority of high-ranking websites are responsive and a pleasure to view on any device, there is no reason to waste time looking at an inefficient, old website. If you won’t, your potential customers won’t either.


#3 Your Website is Not Search Engine Optimized


Speaking of high-ranking websites…how’s your SEO strategy working out? There is tough competition in every industry out there. Using search engines, customers hope to find the best businesses and services on the first or second page of their search results. If your website doesn’t have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy, it is unlikely to show up on the first, second, or even tenth page of Google, no matter how precise the search.


At SmartWeb Canada, redesigning out-of-date websites with an SEO strategy is the focal point of our work. We offer simplified annual software solutions to boost your site’s SEO performance. And for small businesses in competitive industries, we offer monthly bespoke SEO strategies, to help you target specific audiences through organic search.


#4 Outdated Web Designs Lose Customers


Last and certainly not least of our 4 urgent reasons to redesign your website, are design and aesthetics. First impressions are everything and the internet is no exception to this rule. In fact, with so much choice a click away, the rule is intensified into nanoseconds.


Indeed, it takes less than a second for a website visitor to decide whether to stay on a web page or navigate away. You have certainly navigated away from a website that looked outdated and amateurish in exchange for a more modern-looking competitor website. So while you might personally like your website, if it is old, most of your customers will notice.


What is an outdated-looking website? Graphics and photos are old, pixelated, or low resolution. Unfashionable fonts, clashing colors, and sub-par branding collateral all work against your business’s online reputation. Also, too much generic content and not enough unique, high-value photographs and text to describe what sets you apart from your competitors.


If your competitors have put effort into this endeavor, then you are losing potential clients to them. If your website is suffering from an old, outdated look, it is high time you explore new design solutions.


Your Website Redesign Is a Quick Click Away


Redesigning your website takes a bit of effort, but it’s well worth it. And we take all the stress and guesswork out of the process.


Get in touch with SmartWeb Canada today! Our expert web designers, digital marketing strategists, and content creators work together to achieve excellent online results for your small business or dental practice.





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