Why You Need Professional Google Ad Management

19 October 2022

We all live in a consumer society, but many of us are unacquainted with the way advertising permeates our daily lives, particularly through the internet. While advertising might be ubiquitous, thanks to Google Adwords, it is also more relevant and targeted than ever.

Professional Google Ad Management ensures that consumers are being matched with their desires, rather than having their desires dictated to them. And this means that the average business owner can take advantage of that robust consumer-facing platform to be matched with their target audience.

If you’ve ever tried managing your own Google Ads campaign, you may have found some aspects of the work more than challenging. Don’t feel defeated, this is normal, even for many professionals in the industry! However, it could be that you’d benefit from hiring a digital marketing agency to manage your Google Ads for you. While Google Adwords invites you to manage your ads yourself, even with their free assistance, you’re missing out on the added opportunity that expertise offers in the process.

What Is Google Ad Manager?

For a business that relies on direct sales, Google Ad Manager is a powerful ad management platform. It enables granular control for the user, allowing fine-tuning to define who ultimately views the ad. Google Ad Manager supports multiple ad exchanges, such as third-party networks, AdSense, and more.

Why You Should Use Google Adwords in Your Marketing Strategy

We all take for granted that we should be incorporating Google’s marketing tools in our business strategies. Google is omnipresent, so it makes sense, right? Don’t worry, there are better reasons to integrate Google ads into your marketing campaign than ‘it’s everywhere’. But they are certainly along those lines.

Getting Infront of Google Display Network

When you advertise your business on Google Ads, your ad can appear on GDN, the Google Display Network. This is a group exceeding 2 million websites, videos, and apps, reaching 90% of all global internet users. When you have access to this network, your display ads will appear on these interfaces as internet users (prospective customers!) interact with them.

Where Do Google Ads Show?


When an internet user types a keyword search in Google, they are a click away from your ad! There are two general types of ads that determine where they will show. First up are Search ads.

Google Search Ads

After a potential customer has searched for a ‘dentist near me’, the first page of Google shows organic search results as well as Search ads. A Search ad will often precede the organic search results. On the second page and beyond you’re likely to find Search ads in the footer of the search results.

Google Display Ads

When someone is searching the internet using specific keywords, they are either casually browsing or close to conversion, needing service by the time they close the browser window. Display ads show on websites that someone clicks on in their quest to find the right site to satisfy their search.

This is where GDN comes in. Your Google ad can potentially show up on any of the 2 million plus pages within the network. The marketing potential is immense. When you manage your ads effectively, you are more likely to get in front of your target audience with Display ads. As powerful as Search ads can be, they are often clouded by the organic results, which are optimized to answer the search query and have the bonus of not being a marked ad.

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What Do Professional Google Ad Managers Do Differently From You?

Google indeed offers free assistance with Google Ads. And why wouldn’t they? Google benefits immensely from having you advertise your business within its immense network.

That being said, the setup they enable is generic. It doesn’t include copywriting, ad layout design, strategy implementation, or competition analysis. In this case, their assistance ensures that your ad is up, and functioning, generating revenue for Google and hopefully leads for you. Milton Friedman’s famous words are more true now than ever before. There is no free lunch.

Implementing a truly successful Google Ad campaign takes expertise and experience. This is doubly true if your business is highly competitive. It doesn’t hurt to have a Google partner in your corner who has attended Skillshop (formerly Academy for Ads). Here at Smartweb Canada, our advertising team has and is sharpened up on best practices for setting up Google Ad campaigns.

What Steps Do Google Ad Managers Take With a Campaign?

When a digital marketing agency like Smartweb Canada manages your Google Adword campaigns, they follow a series of steps to ensure that your campaign does well:

Understand and implement Google Ads best practices to optimize your account structure from the get-go.

By monitoring your ad’s performance over time, professional ad managers can tweak keywords to target your audience better.

Undertaking research into competitors’ strategies, including PPC with the use of various analytical tools.

Ensuring that your landing pages align with your ads to create maximum impact and avoid losing conversions to irrelevant content matching.

Applying an in-depth understanding of your business and goals, Google Ad managers proactively write and design ads to target your audience.

By implementing A/B testing, an ad manager can compare strategies to maximize campaign performance.

Moving through these practices strategically, professional ad managers can optimize your bids, adding more value to your ad revenue over time.

Smartweb Canada Professionally Manages your Google Adwords

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