Web Developer or Web Designer: Which Do You Need?

6 September 2022

Here at SmartWeb Canada, we are web designers and web developers in Vancouver, B.C. There is a bit of confusion about the difference between the two. And that is understandable, as website building platforms like WordPress and Squarespace merge the two capabilities, blurring the lines between frontend and backend.


And when you just need a website that works for you and your business, teasing out the differences can feel like splitting hairs. At the end of the day, you just need a good-looking website that shows up organically in the search engines and functions well.


Generally speaking, web designers are attentive to the aesthetics and functionality of a website. Their work can be expressed as UX/UI Design and Brand Development, for example.


Web developers ensure that the technical aspects of this web design work! Adept at using coding languages such as PHP, JavaScript, and HTML, web developers create a site’s fundamental structure. While aesthetics, content, and layout keep a customer on your page, the underlying structure ensures that it displays correctly, loads quickly, and feels like a seamless, cohesive experience.


Web Developers and Web Designers Work Together for the Best Results


Certainly, there is plenty of overlap between web development and web design. The benefit of having two heads rather than one working on the same website has many benefits. With a web developer advising on limitations and best practices, a web designer can exercise greater creativity within properly defined parameters.


The purpose of website building platforms like WordPress and Squarespace is to smooth the relationship between design and development for non-professionals. And this is precisely why so many web design companies, ourselves included, design our sites using WordPress. The end goal of a website is to provide clients with an online business front that they can run themselves.


At SmartWeb Canada web developers, Vancouver-based, but working on diverse projects across Canada, work alongside designers to get the best results for our clients. When you host your site at SmartWeb Canada, our friendly customer service representatives leverage the full force of our diverse team to help your website look and function at its best.


Get in touch with us anytime to discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve them through web development, SEO, and digital marketing!




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