If you’re a dentist looking for a dental website designer, you might be wondering why it’s important to select a web designer with experience in your field. After all, websites are generally built in the same way, so why should yours be any different from say, an architect’s?

As it turns out, dental website design is a specialized field. A dentist knows better than anyone how intricate their business is. Dental offices and the work that takes place there is exceptionally detail-oriented, with many moving parts. And your website should act and feel like an extension of your office, widening the sphere of interaction between yourself and your patients.

At SmartWeb Canada, we have been designing websites for dentists and oral surgeons for almost 20 years. During this time we have established strong relationships with our clients, who trust us to host, edit, redesign, and refactor their websites. We have also become experts in dental SEO strategy creation and execution, landing most of our clients on the first page of Google for organic, relevant search terms.

Dental Website Designers Understand Appointment Booking Systems

Chances are, if you’re a dentist looking for a dental website designer, you are eager to find someone who knows how to integrate your appointment booking system with your website. Every dental software operates a bit differently and you’ll want to work with a team that has launched several dental websites with attractive and functional appointment booking interfaces.

As mobile and web interfaces have virtually taken over the spheres once solely occupied by telephones, many of your prospective patients are looking for a conversation-free way to book an appointment. An online appointment scheduling system can help to convert visitors to patients twice as quickly. By removing your patient’s hurdles to scheduling, your calendars will fill with far less effort, increasing your practice’s efficiency.

Dental Treatment Content Creation

Many dentists won’t have the time to create custom content themselves for a new website design. When this is the case, you’ll want to know that you’re paying your dental website designer to populate the website with content that is accurate and written for all audiences.

At SmartWeb Canada, we are partners with The Canadian Dental Association, the national voice of dentistry in Canada that provides news and information on dentistry and oral health in Canada. Our professional copywriters have access to the best information available and produce properly researched content for the layman, so your patients will be able to use your website as a reliable and readable resource on dental procedures.

We also take the time to understand your unique brand and help you voice it appropriately and effectively for your target audience. You may be attempting to sound formal and attract a transient business crowd for emergency dental procedures. Or perhaps you are hoping to solidify your presence as the go-to family dentist in your region and need to appeal to this specific audience. With resources from our expert partners, our branding development and digital marketing team are ready to implement your dental practice’s unique brand proposition.

Specialization Speeds Up the Design Process

We’re not saying that a regular website designer can’t put together a dental website design. Of course, they can! However, there is a learning curve associated with catering to dentists. Many appreciate specificity without having to provide it themselves.

At SmartWeb Canada, we understand that great UI & UX design ensures that your dental practice website doesn’t just look good, but functions as a seamless extension of your office.

Patients can book appointments with ease, interact effortlessly with your receptionist via chatbots, and browse your social media channels to get a feel for your office’s personality and character. This entire process instills faith and trust in your dental patients, confirming that they made the right choice for their health and smile by choosing you.

Leverage the knowledge of experts when you choose your dental website designer. Get in touch with us anytime to discuss your business goals and how we can help you achieve them through web development, SEO, and digital marketing!





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